Is Your Skin Wedding Day Ready?

skinThere are not many things that can make a woman feel a mixture of emotions and frustration all combined in just one event. An event that she will remember her entire life and that will be the start of a new life. Yes, you guessed it, the big wedding day.

Each of us imagine our wedding day in a certain way and some of us even start planning it years before we even get engaged (stupid, right?); that’s how important a wedding day is for a woman. For that special day, a bride will go over the top to make sure her dress fits perfect, her hair and makeup make her stand out and look like a princess. A lot of work is needed for just a day, but all that could go down the drains if her skin is not perfect.

We can’t start thinking about this problem just a few days before the wedding. Most experts say that a bride needs at least 3 months in advance to start fixing certain aspects of the skin and should follow a few easy steps that will ensure a perfect face for those wedding day pictures.

Here are some tricks that will help any future bride conquer the world on her special day:

1. Create a routine for your skin (cleanse – exfoliate – moisturize)

Each morning and each night you have to clean your face. You would be surprised to see how dirty your skin is each time you clean it. The dust in the air and bacteria will slowly affect you pores.
An exfoliation can be done either daily or weekly; it generally depends on the type of product you use, if it’s gentle or a little bit rough. No matter what, get rid of those nasty dead skin cells.

Each and every morning you must use a moisturizer that has a SPF of at least 15 and it is better to use an oil-free cream.

2. Professional assistance

Each month, at least until the wedding, go to a professional clinic and ask for a full skin treatment. It relaxes the face skin but also provides other forms of treatment.

3. Identify your skin problems

It doesn’t matter what those problems are, but you have to be aware of them and try to fix them. For example, if around your eyes you have some wrinkles, it makes no sense using wrinkle cream all over your face. The same goes for acne or dark spots.

4. Do’s and Don’ts before the wedding

A bride should get a professional facial treatment a few days before the wedding and on the morning of the big day she has to put on a mask to moisturize and to remove the bags under your eyes. All this will help you have a bright and healthy skin complexion.

Never use a new product with just a few days of the wedding (it almost always goes wrong).

Any bride’s worst nightmare is waking up on the wedding day with a huge zit on her face. Never even think of picking it, leave it alone because you will cause even more inflammation. A great makeup artist has the products needed to hide it very well.

5. Wedding night solutions

On that special day you will have tons of makeup on your face. The makeup artist will apply it, a few hours later she will reapply it and during the party you will obviously go a few times to check you makeup and fix some issues.

Professional makeup artist recommend that you use cleansing oil just before you start using your day to day cleanser. It will help you remove all the unnecessary makeup products from your face.

So you see, as a bride, there is no time to rest if you want a perfect day. It all must come together like a puzzle, from your dress, hair, makeup and all the way to the party and the man you love.

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