Bridal Perfumes

best perfumesNowadays, perfumes are used everywhere. Most shops have each their own specific scent and it is proven that the right perfume in a shop can increase the sales by 20%. They use perfume to enhance food aromas, to make certain products more appealing, they even spray perfume into gasoline!

I’ve been a perfume lover myself ever since I can remember, basically my whole life. I own an impressive perfume collection and although I like them all, I keep only a few of them very close to my heart.

Today I’m going to present the top best perfumes suited to be worn by a bride on her wedding day.

For that matter, I believe that Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea is maybe the best wedding perfume. After looking for information and reading a lot of reviews, I blind-bought it and it proved to be a really entertaining fragrance. The smell is very realistic, suave and somehow fresh, although the sweetness of honey is one of its dominant features. The main three notes that evolve from this amazing fragrance are the beautiful Syringa (lilac), orange blossom and, as I already mentioned, honey. The picture evoked is that of blooming oranges and lilacs, with bees flying around from flower to flower. Flora Nymphea is pure poetry. No wonder that the poets’ flower (lilac) brings together the composition, gracefully seconded by the rest of the notes. Very feminine, it produces a magical aura that lasts for almost 12 hours, depending on your skin type.

Another great choice for a young bride that ironically may not be that much of a perfumista is La Chasse Aux Papillons, one of the most popular fragrances proposed by the niche house L`Artisan Parfumeur. Being very delicate and subtle, La Chasse Aux Papillons is so gentle that has nothing not to like about it. Also, it is not very lasting, but it compensates by its soft charming bouquet. Tuberose is more pronounced than the other flowers, of which I mention the lime (very rare in perfumes) and jasmine. In a few words, an expressive, graceful, pure and bright perfume.

Number three on my best bridal perfumes chart is White by Creed, an interesting floral not at all common, which gives me a feeling of cleanliness and purity. You first notice the touch of rice with a powdery suave note, a blooming jasmine and sandalwood. The perfume smells expensive; it doesn’t have that plastic feel, no note or anything that could compromise the scent. It has a musky final, fine and beautiful, giving it a clean, but not at all synthetic smell.

Moving on, I would like to emphasize on some of the best vanilla perfumes a bride could wear on her most special day.

good vanilla perfume

First of all, Kenzo Amour by Kenzo is a warm fragrance, which gives a soothing state of bliss, a fragrance that calms you and exudes nothing but positive energy. Amour is mainly a vanilla perfume, but not as sweet as the vanilla you may find in perfumes like Chopard’s Kashmir, but a balanced vanilla, ethereal and suave that blurs out the other notes of the fragrance. Vanilla is here a strong base note, which remains present from the beginning to the end. It is lovely because it is warm and sweet. A creamy vanilla, which together with rice and cherry blossom creates a very inviting scent. It gives a terrible state of wearing comfort, simply wrapped and protected in serene savory notes, which makes it one the best vanilla perfumes.

Next in line, Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior is another beautiful vanilla fragrance that fully deserves its reputation. It cannot go unnoticed, so to speak. It really is unique and haunting, sweet, not fresh, fruity or floral. It is very strong it can give you headaches, so it’s best suited for loud perfume lovers. Persistence is extremely high; it can become overwhelming to others if applied too much.

The ultimate vanilla perfume, more classic, yet still mysterious and profound is another Dior masterpiece, Addict.

This is an opulent, erotic, sensual and mystical fragrance, enchanting and hypnotizing. It is strong and contrasting, fascinating, intriguing and exciting. For me, it is the perfect wedding night scent. I would recommend this to any woman who loves oriental perfumes. Tonka beans with vanilla and orange blossom are combined to make this perfume a bold creamy fragrance. The name says it all. Sweet, but not heavy, passionate, but not heated, it has a very complex composition that unfolds and evolves in several stages. Simply amazing.

Most Comfortable Wedding High Heels

Wedding is the time when we gather with our friends and relatives -some of them we haven’t seen in a long time, to celebrate love. Most weddings have themes that must be strictly followed. It is crucial to be guided accordingly and wear the appropriate attire in this fun and love filled celebration.

In regards to the gown or dress, there is one simple rule: Never outshine the bride. It is the couple, especially the bride’s moment; so do not steal the limelight from her. Most brides have their wedding gowns in white, hence to be safe never wear white in a wedding unless the couple themselves as part of a special theme orders it.

Since the outfit is dependent on the theme of the wedding, let us skip that and go straight ahead with the footwear!

most comfortable high heelsHigh heels are the best shoes for women to wear in a wedding as it is formal and sophisticated, however, it is important that you choose comfortable high heels, you’ll never know how long you have to wine and dine with the couple and guests.
Pumps and Stilettos are the most popular high heels for occasions like weddings. They are the most comfortable high heels if they are made of quality materials. Make sure to try them on and walk them around for some minutes before buying them. The lighter they feel, the better they are for your feet. Christian Louboutin has classic style pumps and stilettos that are very light to walk on!
If the wedding theme is funky and retro don’t fret because we have the Mary Jane high heels suited for this event. Mary Jane is a retro style of high heels with a touch of modern look in it. Mary Jane is one of the most comfortable high heels in the market because of its support strap. Jimmy Choo, Gucci and other women’s favorite designers have Mary Jane and other retro style high heels. If you do not want to spend too much on shoes, Modcloth has affordable but stylish Mary Janes for grabs too!

d’Orsay Pumps are common to see at weddings as well. It has this classy design that perfectly accentuates the legs of the women when wearing pencil skirts or dresses. Also it is best for middle-aged women who want to look fabulous and still be in style.

For summer weddings the most comfortable high heels are the Slingback Pump, Wedge Pump, Peep Toe Pump and Gladiator Heels. These high heels are both casual and formal. You can wear them to garden weddings or even beach weddings! The openings add the summer touch to the style at the same time allowing your feet to breathe.
Now if you’re a more trendy person and you want comfortable high heels that are at the same time sleek and in fashion, Mule would definitely suit your kin. Mules are backless and chunky high heels that you simply slip your foot into! It is edgy by nature but can be toned down by the dress you wear.

Finally, the high heels that is occupying the shelves at the moment tagged as the ‘’it’’ shoes of the season, the Barely there Stiletto Sandals. Popularized by Rihanna and having included in the River Island’s Sandals Collection, the Barely there Stiletto Sandals is absolutely a must have. It can transform your overall look no matter what you are wearing! Comfortable high heels that cost $40 to $100, how can you go wrong? Definitely shining bright like a diamond there! But not too much, no overshadowing of the bride remember?

Choosing the perfect high heels can be crucial for women. You want to look trendy and fab not flashy and a drab. You also want to own a pair that are for keeps and can be used several times.

Tcomfy wedding heelsips in choosing the right pair of heels:

  • For open shoes, the size should be at least half or one size smaller. For closed shoes, the size should be at least half or one size bigger. Wearing footwear that is too tight for your feet can damage your toenails causing them to break or even bruise underneath. Wearing footwear that is too loose for your feet will only make you uncomfortable the entire time.
  • The style of the heels should blend well with the outfit you plan to match them. However, it is practical to choose a style that you can use often and in most occasions.
  • The longer you need to wear the heels, the shorter the heels that you may prefer. Wearing 5-inch heels the whole day or evening is not good for your feet as it increases the pressure on them causing your sole to hurt and muscle cramps. Some may even develop fractures so be sure to pick the right height. Normal heels should be about 2-3 inches high.
  • Comfort comes with a price. If you want comfortable heels that will not tire you and give you blisters then be prepared to pay a little bit more. Also, you want to keep those pairs as long as you can.
  • Take care of the heels. First of all, make sure to wear your heels with your feet fully dry. Sometimes it is unavoidable that our feet become too sweaty. Take them off as soon as you can.
  • After wearing the heels, make sure to dry them out under the sun for a few hours to kill the fungus that may be growing in them.
  • Store them properly and in room temperature. Keeping them in too hot or too cold storage rooms may damage the footwear or will cause mold build up.

After all, when attending a wedding, what’s important is that your presence is sincere and that you truly wish the couple the best in their marriage. Dressing up and accentuating them with the right and comfortable high heels is like the cherry on top of the cake showing your effort in their special once in a lifetime moment.

Grooms Gifts

groom giftsGroom Gifts

This is a guest post from a Blogging Groom.

There are a lot of sites and resources for ladies when it comes to getting married. And rightfully so, the gals are the ones who usually plan the vast majority of the wedding. It’s usually the man’s job to purpose, help out when needed and finally show up on the day of the wedding and not to screw it up.

Pretty simple right?

While there is undoubtedly a lot more pressure on the ladies then the men, there still is an enormous amount of pressure. Today, I want to help take some of that pressure off by talking about groomsmen gifts. This one can be tricky, it’s pretty rare that all three or four of them have the same interests and hobbies. The first trick is to find a topic that you know all of them will enjoy. I knew I had to come out with something that was good, without blowing the budget! These are the same guys that organized a trip half way across the world for me, managed to wrangle up 17 of my closest friends and had everyone chip in to cover all the expenses. A guy couldn’t have asked for a better bachelor party, and now I wanted to make sure they had a good time at the wedding.

Suggestions for Gifts

As I mentioned, the key to any good gift is trying to figure out what they all like. You can get each of them a different gift but it just doesn’t have the same effect. So I started brain storming, what do we all do together. We golf, we play on several baseball teams, we all love hockey, we all enjoy whiskey and the list goes on.

I decided to get them all customized softball bats.  That was a good start but not exactly the be all and end all. From there, I thought I could class those fellas up with some nice cufflinks. The kicker, they would be their favorite sports teams. My one friend got LA Kings links, another got the Bluejays and another got Maple Leafs cufflinks.

Some other ideas that ran through my head, matching SAXX underwear. If you’ve ever worn SAXX you know they’re the most comfortable thing out there. Plus then we could say we were all wearing the same Freshies.

I contemplated getting them black high class sneakers to wear as opposed to the standard dress shoes. I thought that’d be a great idea but the wife actually vetoed it. Not sure why, but it seemed like an awesome idea.

A customized flask of whisky filled with our favorite scotch is always a hit (assuming everyone drinks!) I know the fellas would’ve loved that while they were hanging onto dear life as the photographer snapped the 10,842nd picture.

The key to a good gift is making sure it’s personalized. You should know these guys better then almost anyone on the planet, your job shouldn’t be that hard.

Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

It is said that having long hair is what really attracts most grooms. They love playing with their fingers through our hair and when they see the gorgeous tresses going down our shoulders, they believe that this represents a true bride.

bride with straight hairIf we take into consideration a woman’s opinion, she will tell you that having long hair can sometimes become extremely boring and also, at times, hard to style if you do not have the necessary inspiration.  There are so many hairstyles for long hair available, that it would be a shame to have it any other way. Some hairstyles only take 15-20 minutes to make while others may take even 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity, but no matter what option you choose, you will definitely score huge style points.

The reality is that having long hair will give you a serious advantage when you are trying to obtain a wide variety of hairstyles that go from elegant, casual and braided all the way to the different styles of ponytail. All these opportunities will give you the possibility to transform yourself with each hairstyle that you try out. Because there are so many possibilities of hairstyles for long hair, I have decided to create a selection containing the most interesting and fun ideas of hairstyles for long hair that can be created for different occasions.  These hairstyles can be easily obtained with a little bit of dexterity and a kit of styling products that have to be used so you can protect your hair, make it shiny and silky.

1.    Elegant knot buns versus relaxed, easy to create knot buns

This type of hairstyle is extremely popular among women with long hair because it manages to change their entire appearance and is also very flattering no matter what shape your face has. No matter the situation, a knot bun is the perfect choice for a day event and an elegant evening out. If you choose a more complex and difficult to create knot bun, you will obtain an elegant and charming look that will perfectly define your face and will transform you into a ravishing presence at a sophisticated party.

The famous fast and easy to make knot buns are also surprisingly eye catching and can go very well with a casual outfit and with a more elegant one.

3. Long hair braids

These too are extremely in style right now and they come in a wide variety of shapes, postures and twists. The reality is that you can never get bored of your hairstyle if you choose to braid your hair. Another advantage is that it can be adapted to any type of outfit, from sporty-casual to high-end elegance.  If you have the necessary imagination you can amaze your friends with a hairstyle created from a combination of braiding and knot buns. Having long hair will give you the possibility to have an infinite of options for your hairstyle. To achieve this type of hairstyle on your wedding day you need the best hair straightener, one that doesn’t  burn or damage your hair, especially on your special day when everyone is looking at you, the bride.

4. Highly defined curls

Those beautiful and glamorous curls represent perfection when it comes to having long hair. They are able to create an elegant and feminine look that perfectly complements any outfit. The great thing about them is that you really don’t need many styling tools to obtain the perfect result, all you need is a big curler and a little bit of patience. You should also take into consideration the fact that as the hours go by your curls tend to lose their volume. This is why it is recommended that you apply a little bit of hairspray.

5. Retro hairstyles

These 1920s – 1970s hairstyles have made a huge comeback and are now extremely popular among women throughout the planet. If you chose to have such a hairstyle, you should know that these are suited for a fancy event or an office party.

Whether you are choosing the 1920s small and thick curls or you prefer the 1930s sensual curls; you will definitely transform yourself into a Hollywood diva. The 1940 hairstyles are represented by the famous Marilyn Monroe and the ’50 and ’60 are known for the extreme blowouts, incredible volume and puff. Maybe the most relaxed period in represented by the ’70 where the hairstyle was relaxed, with soft curls full of volume. You decide what the style that represents you and your personality is.

6. Accessorized hairstyles

bridal hairstyleIt is well known that if you attend a formal and elegant party, the word of the day is elegance. This is why most stylists recommend that you try and accessorize your outfit with a few touches of precious accents such as jewelry or elegant yet delicate accessorize. This is why accessorized hairstyle and so much in trend right now. You can combine them with a simple pin that has at one end a precious stone or a delicate headband covered with small and tasteful crystals. These will make all the difference in the world and will also draw the attention of everybody at that party.

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If you are not a fan of crystals and precious stones, you can always choose flowers. It really doesn’t matter the material from which they are created as long as they are tasteful and perfectly designed. These will create a sense of freshness and life, thus being the perfect choice for a romantic character. If you choose a plastic or normal material, it is best to use them on your daily errands; if you choose metallic touches you should wear them when you go out at a pub with your friends, and if you decide to wear something that has feathers, small precious stones, then they are perfect for a cocktail or an event.

Every person has its very own hairstyle that goes with its personality. It truly depends on each and every single person to discover their style or to be available to experiment as much as possible. In the end, the possibilities are infinite.


The Perfect Makeup For Your Wedding Day

wedding makeupThe happiest moment in a woman’s life has got to be her wedding. That special day in which she is the center of the world and everybody is witness to the bride’s happiness. This is why there is no surprise the fact that she wants to look amazing and all eyes to be centered at her.

No matter if a bride chooses to do her own makeup or decides to hire a professional artist, one thing is certain: the makeup must be perfect. It is a known fact that in order to achieve a perfect look you must use professional products and quality makeup brushes. By doing this, a bride will have a natural look that will only be brought to light.

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that a bride’s wedding makeup should complement the dress without ruin the entire ensemble.

Here are some tips on how to create your perfect makeup for your wedding:

1. Don’t hurry things up

Take all the time in the world and if you feel the need, lock yourself in a room with a big mirror and lots of light; no one should bother you. With a few professional makeup brushes such as a foundation brush, apply one step at a time the foundation. This way you will obtain a perfect coverage.

2. Don’t use too much makeup

A bride should look natural and this is why you shouldn’t overload your skin. Use only a primer and then a water proof foundation. You know there will be tears at the wedding.

3. Try a classic look fit for a bride

Each bride has her on personality, but that doesn’t mean that she should wear a red dress and dramatic makeup. One that special day she is a princess and this means she has to glow and be natural. Using high quality makeup brushes apply a natural lip gloss and a soft pink blush. Emphasize your eyes using a brown or black liner and water proof mascara. It’s not hard, just be calm and be sure of what you want.

4. Don’t experiment on that day

Under no circumstances, on your wedding day, should you even think of trying a product that you’ve never used before. You may never know.

5. Touch-up on your wedding day

Have one of your bridesmaids to carry your makeup and also transform herself into a makeup artist when you need a touch up. Thing such as a makeup brush, lipstick, cotton buds and blushers are things that under no circumstances should be in your makeup bag.

It’s not easy to be a bride, but that day will remain in your heart and mind for all your life.

How to choose your wedding dress

wedding gownHave you reached that period in your life when you can shout out loud: “I’m engaged?” If so, congratulations and start enjoying this beautiful moment. After this party mood ends it’s time to start thinking about planning the wedding. As beautiful as it may be, it is also an extremely stressful period in which you try to please everyone, try to plan the perfect day, the one you’ve been dreaming all your life and make all the preparation necessary that will make you look absolutely divine.

The hard part comes when you have to choose your wedding dress and answer yourself a ton of questions: “Is this the right one?”, “Will he like it?”, “How much am I willing to pay for it?”, “Will this dress make me feel the prettiest of them all?”

Although choosing the perfect wedding dress is not brain surgery, it does require a lot of confidence, self control and a few tips to help you make the best decision:

1.    Be positive and confident
Don’t start looking for your dress thinking you won’t find the perfect one for you. There are thousands of dresses and if you still have problems deciding, you can have your dress custom made.

2.    Begin searching
Try going to a few wedding stores, watch some television programs about weddings, read magazines or search the Internet. There are a variety of things to do. If you happen to come across a dress you like, take a picture so you can show it to you bridal consultant.

3.    Know what flatters you
If you are not the model type, that doesn’t mean you won’t find the perfect dress, it just means it won’t look the same as the model in the window shop. If you are a plus-size woman, there are some things to avoid, but other than that, you have a clear way to the perfect dress. You shouldn’t wear a mermaid dress and those extra fluffy ball gowns. Try on a A-line shape dress (it hides all the extras)
Never buy a dress that is a size smaller just because you think you will lose weight until that day; it can be easily modified from a bigger size to a smaller one but not vice-versa.

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4.    Determine your budget
Try and come up with a reasonable budget that won’t lead you directly to starting your fresh new life in debt. Usually a wedding dress is somewhere between $1000 and $2000, but you are able to find them a lot cheaper or even a lot more expensive. You may find one that costs $100 or one that costs $15,000. It all depends on your budget. Never try out a dress that is way above your budget; it will break your heart.

5.    Who’s coming along?
Be careful when deciding which people you take along to the dress fitting. You need someone that is honest, supportive and not afraid of telling what he thinks. Usually a group of 3-4 people is more than enough. Also if your bridal consultant is trying to sell you dresses you don’t like, tell her with all honesty; after all it’s your wedding and your money.

6.    Positive thinking
As much as finding the perfect wedding dress counts, the most important thing is that new life you are about to start with that special one. Always have him in mind, it may sound stupid, but it will make you go through all this much easier.

If you will be able to follow these tips, I can assure you that you dress search will become more appealing and the entire experience less stressful.

The Perfect Wedding Shoes

A bride dreams of her wedding dress and party since she was a little girl. Although things might change during the years the basic ideas will remain forever the same. But what about the shoes? No one seems to give them a lot of thought but these little items can make the difference between a happy and joyful bride and a nervous and retired one. If she doesn’t choose the right wedding shoes she might discover in the middle of her party that she can’t stand another minute wearing them and that they made her a nasty problem. Try to look for a pair that offer your feet comfort and also make you look graceful while you walk to the altar.

wedding shoesBesides this, there are other factors to take into consideration when you start looking for your wedding shoes. It is a known fact that a bride will want the most divine pair of shoes that she can find, but it is recommended that she thinks twice. The wedding dress will never see the light of day again after the party; do you really want that your perfect shoes have the same end as the dress? If you don’t, try and look for shoes that have other colors than the simple white. Why not try for earth tones or if you are bold, try some colored ones.

Another piece of advice is that you should take your wedding shoes every time you go to try out your wedding dress. This is a way to avoid other last minute modifications to the dress just because your shoes you wear at the fitting were not the same size as the ones at the wedding.

Here are 6 steps to follow so that on your special day you rock the floor:

1.    Wear the shoes a few times before the wedding – this will allow you to get accustomed with them and prevents you from wobbling while all eyes are on you.

2.    Make sure you adore them – it doesn’t matter that your dress is floor length and your guests won’t be able to see them that often; what matters is that you feel like a princess.

3.    Remember to bring your shoes at the wedding dress fitting – this will help you to avoid any last minute modifications of the dress.

4.     The option of dying your shoes – there are situations in which you will find the perfect pair of shoes but with the wrong color. There are stores that offer to dye your shoes.

5.    Make a statement – if you have a beautiful traditional dress try and make a statement by wearing colorful shoes like scarlet heels or other fancy colors.

6.    Pedicure ready – one or two days before the wedding you must have a pedicure. It will make your feet soft and your nails will have the perfect color.

Check out for more tips on how to match your shoes with your gown.

bridal shoes